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iPhone 8 won’t be late this year

One source that follows the iPhone 8 story from the start kept saying that Apple’s manufacturing problems will cause market placement delay of this device. The rumor makes sense for the most people since it all indicates that iPhone 8 will have new AMOLED screen that will stretch almost to the entire front side of the device and will use a handful of new technologies and manufacturing processes.

Since the rumors about this new device started, everyone kept talking about how will iPhone 8 inherit the design of a two-glass case casing of the iPhone 4. Today is a different story about several alternatives and no one is sure how will final iPhone 8 look like. Graphic artist Steel Drake agreed that the concept is based on that first story and the result is excellent. The iPhone 8 with glass fronts and backs would benefit from the introduction of wireless charging technology, which is much harder to carry with aluminum unibody parts. On the other hand, the glass casing damages would again become realistic despite the rumors that Apple is preparing specially chemically reinforced glass that would be more resistant to fractures.

The new Galaxy S8 smartphone is already in the hands of users all around the world, which is why they are further intensifying the competiton with iPhone 8. Just like it’s first competitor, the iPhone 8 will be more expensive than its predecessor, and analyst Simon Jankowski from Goldman Sachs believes he knows what rank we are heading for. He expects that the new iPhone 8 will be available in 128GB and 256GB versions and that it will first be available at $ 999 and twice as much memory will cost $ 100 more as it was in the previous years.

However, some publications such as the Economic Daily News says that the new iPhone 8 will not be significantly late, that is, it would actually be presented at the right time in September together with the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus models, and that the sale would begin in October. The device will switch from Foxconn, Winstron, and Pegatron, and apparently, all companies are in the process of recruiting and training new workforce in China.

The TSMC will, allegedly, begin producing A11 chips in early June, and will be followed by other suppliers such as Simplo Technology (batteries). We are sure this is not the last report that will talk about this, so we will continue to talk about this subject, based on the evidence we find.



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