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IPhone 8: USB-C / Lightning cable, long distance charging, and many questions

It’s still difficult to find out new information about the iPhone 8. No one can say with certainty what the future smartphone will look like, what will be the new features, at what price It will be sold or, quite simply, when it becomes available.

Here are the latest schematics shared by Benjamin Geskin:

There are points of convergence, but it is very clever that he will be able to say for sure that this is indeed the right model. In the evening pattern, the circular surface in the centre could be the area for wireless recharging. Note (with satisfaction) the absence of the hole for Touch ID.

Geskin added two indiscretions. The first is that Apple would provide a Lightning / USB-C cable, instead of the classic Lightning / USB-A. A change will be made to the advantage of users of computers equipped with USB-C, as is currently the case of MacBook 12 ” Retina, MacBook Pro and a handle of PC. It is unfortunate that it is impossible to connect an iPhone 7 to a MacBook Pro without an adapter.

All others – and this will make the world – will have to do with the USB-C charger that Apple will not fail to provide in replacement of the current USB-A charger. On the other hand, connecting to a USB-C private computer will either pass through an adapter or a Lightning / USB-A cable purchased next to it.

The other rumour we heard today concerns wireless charging. It evokes a long distance charge to a range of 5 meters. This technology has been rumoured for months.



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