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IPhone 8: Geskin lists the main specifications (screen, Touch ID, battery, etc.)

After the avalanche of rumours around the iPhone 8, we already do not know where to head; How much for the diagonal of the screen already? And the Touch ID, is it in front or behind finally? The leaker Benjamin Geskin , more and more sure of himself, believes on his Twitter account that it should not be forgotten during the official announcement of the iPhone 8 in September ( who had told you, Who? ) And above all unveils the list of final specifications of the next iPhone, a list that risks closing the debate on Apple’s ability to innovate so many changes are.


So the iPhone X / 8 should have a design mixing glass with stainless steel, a full-face OLED True Tone screen(no top and bottom borders), a Touch ID button placed directly (Which would explain the delay in delivery), wireless charging (but Geskin does not advocate remote charging), a dual 3D camera and sensors still hidden on the front, 3D facial recognition (in contrast S8 that scans the face 2D), IP68 certification for water resistance and dust, AR features, processor A11 , for iOS 11 (not Of details on a redesign of the interface) as well as an “L” battery much more powerful in terms of autonomy.This makes you want to use a space-time capsule to propel yourself in the twinkling of an eye in September …



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