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iPhone 8: Why Apple prefers Lightning to USB-C

Apple is preparing to launch three new iPhone models by the end of 2017. The company will introduce an iPhone 7s, an iPhone 7s Plus and an iPhone 8 (iPhone X or iPhone Edition) to mark the 10th anniversary of the smartphone.

The iPhone 8 special edition will have features and unique features. It is speculated that it will feature a dual camera, wireless charge, OLED screen and a completely new design.

But, for what it seems to be, chances are that Apple will NOT include a USB-C port on the iPhone 8 . Maintaining this way the USB Lightning port in the terminal.



The USB-C power works best and is compatible with many more devices. But, despite the facilities offered by the USB-C connector over the USB Lightning connector, it is virtually irrelevant if Apple has the wireless charging system already devised for the iPhone 8.

Transfer speed

In theory, the USB-C port wins in this category. Although the Lightning port is able to offer USB 3 transfer speeds given certain circumstances. There is a combination of hardware that allows transfer of speed USB 3: an iPad Pro of 12.9 inches with the camera adapter Lightning to USB 3.

This curious feature does not exist on another iOS device. But the iPhone of the future could achieve the same transfer speed while maintaining Apple’s USB Lightning port.


However, the bite apple company believes in a future without cables. A clear example of this was the withdrawal of the jack connector for EarPods on the iPhone 7. Thus, Apple does not have the need to migrate to the USB-C port.



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