IPhone 5s, is it worth buying in 2017?

We were not all born with an iPhone in hand. A lot of iOS users have migrated from other platforms, into the grandiose ecosystem of Apple to be stuck forever in its stability and fluidity. However, not everyone wants to risk an iPhone 7 of almost 800 euros.

However, we always have other options. The iPhone 5s, an intelligent device launched at the end of 2013, has become one of the most characteristic terminals of Cupertino. Even its design was relaunched as a special edition with the output of the iPhone SE.

One of the main drawbacks that people often put to the iPhone 5s is its time in the market. The Apple terminal has been on the market for almost four years, but that has not been a determinant to stop seeing it everywhere.

The iPhone 5s was released in September 2013 but is still updated to the latest version of iOS. In addition, it was Apple’s first device to have a 64-bit chip and Touch ID, so, despite taking time between us, you can keep the guy in front of your older siblings.

An affordable entry to iOS

The iPhone 5s could be said to be the father of all the iPhone that followed. It came with great features, such as the new 64-bit architecture on its A7 chip and the Touch ID fingerprint reader. In addition, it was the first to include a larger screen, although it was not so much the difference.


Currently, the device can be upgraded to the latest version of iOS 10.3.1, and is expected to do so to iOS 11 – some media even speculate an iPhone 5s in iOS 12, but that remains to be seen. In addition, most applications currently require an iPhone 5s or higher, so no problem running any of them.


The fluidity of the iPhone 5s is frankly good, taking ahead of some competitors in the same price range. In addition, there are only three chips behind the iPhone 7 Plus.

If you want to start your adventure in the world of iOS but do not have a budget too high, the iPhone 5s could be the right terminal for you. If you decide to stay later, you can always opt for another terminal of higher category like the iPhone SE or the next iPhone 8.



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