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iOS 12 Release Date, Features, Improvements and rumours

Everything we know about the upcoming iOS 12.

iOS 12 is most probable to arrive in 2018 packed with a whole heap of changes, improvements, and new features. iOS 12 is the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system and it will power the iPad and iPhone. In this article, we’re trying to predict what features and improvements will iOS 12 have.


iOS 12 release date

Based on past releases of iOS we’ll probably get to see iOS 12 at WWDC 2018, which is likely to happen in June.

An iOS 12 developer beta will likely be launched at WWDC 2018, followed by an iOS 12 public beta, but the final release probably won’t be released until around the same time as the iPhone 9 (or whatever Apple calls its next phone) which will likely launch in or around September 2018.

That’s when iOS 12 will probably be released to all compatible devices.


What features will iOS 12 have (wishlist)?

So far we don’t know anything plausible about iOS 12 apart from its release date, but now that iOS 11 has arrived we’re sure to start hearing things soon and we’ll keep this page updated with every reputable rumor that we can find.

An improved control center

Control Center has been improved for iOS 11, but one thing that users dislike is the fact that you can’t actually turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from it.

Tap either toggle and your device will disconnect from Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth accessories, but won’t actually turn off their radios.

This is a big problem and we think Apple has that scheduled for iOS 12.

Also an option to add any setting or app shortcut we want, and also to remove the likes of music controls and screen mirroring, which currently you can’t.

In-App Camera Controls

The camera controls in iOS 11 could use some tweaking. If you’ve not used iOS before you’d expect to find them in the camera app, but some, including video resolution, file formats and whether or not to show a grid, are instead on a submenu of the main Settings screen, meaning you have to actually leave the camera app and make several additional taps to change them. We hope this will be sorted in iOS 12.

An adjustable back button

When moving around apps in iOS you’ll often want to go back to a previous screen, and as there’s no hardware back button you instead have to tap a tiny option in the top left corner of the display.

This isn’t ideal if you’re right-handed, as it can be a bit of a stretch when using a larger device such as an iPhone 8 Plus, so we’d like to see its position become customizable in iOS 12.

System-wide autofill

Password managers are a fast, secure way to log into your various apps and accounts. Or, they’re secure anyway, and on most devices, they’re fast, but not always on iOS.

Apple has somewhat improved things by adding a ‘Password Autofill For Apps’ feature to iOS 11, which does exactly what the name suggests, but only for passwords, you’ve stored with Apple.

Apps still can’t tap into your favorite password manager automatically, so the first time you log in to them you’ll have to either type out your username and password manually or copy and paste.

On a computer or Android phone, the password manager experience is seamless. On iOS it’s anything but, so we want this fixed for iOS 12.


Let us know what you would like to see in iOS 12 in the comments.


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