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The iOS 12 Leak May Be Great News for Some, but Terrible News for Others

The Next Major iOS Will Place a Focus Back on Functionality Rather Than Features

There’s been some big news released this week, and although it’s Thursday (the day in which Apple finally unveils their Q1 earnings), it’s actually to do with iOS 12. Although this leak may or may not completely come to fruition, it at least can definitely give us an insight into what we can expect from Apple during 2018.

The leak suggests that iOS 12 is more of a ‘refinement’ update, rather than a feature update. For instance, iOS 11.3 is more of a feature updating containing ARKits and Animoji, but iOS 12 will essentially put a focus back on user experience. They’re planning to mend all the things which are broken with the current iOS. And it’s fair to say that we are all looking forward to a new iOS release. iOS 11 has been very buggy for many users around the globe, corrupting our iPhones with bugs, crashes, and general instability.

The leak, coming from workers inside Apple’s head office in San Francisco, makes a lot of sense – especially when considering the press surrounding Apple has been pretty terrible in the last few months. From articles about government agencies asking the tech giants questions to blog post upon a blog post about software issues, Apple’s public image has certainly taken a blow.

In terms of features, the next iOS isn’t particularly exciting – but what’s the point of having fancy, glitzy apps and additions if the phone itself isn’t working correctly? The stability overhaul will be a major selling point for iOS 12

Have you had minor or major problems with iOS 11? Are you looking forward to a major update that’ll be based on functionality instead of features? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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