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iOS 11 tutorials: new AirPods features and how to customize it

AirPods are Apple’s wireless version of the classic wired EarPods that were introduced and released last year. You connect them to your Apple device via Bluetooth and control and customize them on your device. The AirPods have W1 chip which makes pairing them really easy. Apple implemented new functions and options for customization of your AirPods in their newest iOS (iOS 11). You can currently download the beta version of the software if you are interested in using these new options.

In this article, we will explain more about each of these new options.

Firstly, with iOS 10 you could only do a double-tap to invoke Siri or play/pause with the chosen control which was the same for both AirPods. However, in iOS 11 it’s now possible to customize individual control options to the both AirPods, to the left and the right one. When you double tap your AirPods now, you will now be able to either invoke Siri, play/pause the song and skip to the next track or return to the previous track. Setting the preferences for Microphone and Automatic Ear Detection, stayed the same in iOS 11, just like it was in iOS 10.

To enter customization of the AirPods, go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure your AirPods are connected. You will see a little info button next to your AirPods (ⓘ), to enter customization simply tap on it. You will now see a few options listed in the menu. From there, you can Disconnect, Forget your device (so next time you use it, you will have to pair them again), edit the name of your AirPods, set Double-tap options for your AirPods and enable Automatic Ear Detection. Enter Double-tap options and set what will your double-tap do on each AirPod. You can, for example, set the Double-tap on your left AirPod to return to the previous track and the right one to skip to the next track. Options that are available were mentioned before in this article and you can see them in the picture below.



That is all you can customize for your AirPods in the iOS 11. We are hoping to see more improvements in their next version of OS for AirPods. To see other new features of iOS 11, check our iOS 11 section.




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