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How to scan a document using the Notes App in iOS 11

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  • How to scan a document

Apple has added some innovative new features into iOS11 and one of the most interesting ones is Notes app update. Apple has implemented the ability to scan documents in the Notes app. In this article, we will further describe how it works. If you are in a hurry and need to scan some documents this will be useful for you.

iOS 11 beta testers report only positive things so far about the new Notes app. The scanning works very quickly and it’s practical and easy to use. It’s also important to mention that your scans will be visible on all of your Apple device connected to the same iCloud. You can also easily share your scans with others if you want (e.g. email), markup your scan, markup as PDF, print and copy the scan.

How to scan a document

First, find your Notes app on the Home screen and open it. Now open a new note or select an existing one. Now you will need to press on ‘+’ option and choose Scan documents. After that, place your document and picture it with your device’s camera. To take a picture, simply press the shutter button or one of the volume buttons. There is an option for turning on camera flash and using filters (using it may improve the quality of the scan). After taking the picture, you will now have some options to edit your picture – you can adjust the size and add some effects to make your scan looks better. Also, you can add more pages, change the filter, rotate, and crop.

All in all, Apple added a cool new feature which will be very useful in different occasions.  It is a small feature Apple added which will definitely come in handy when you are in the hurry. If you are looking to read more about new iOS 11 features, be sure to check our iOS 11 section.



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