iOS 11

iOS 11 Public Beta 10 and Developer Beta 11 expected release date

Apple just released iOS 11 beta 10 to developers and beta 9 to public beta testers only a week after the release of the previous betas.

We don’t know if Apple will release another beta (iOS 11 Public Beta 10 and iOS 11 Developer Beta 11) before the September 12 Apple Event but if it does then it would be scheduled just before or during the event. The full version of iOS 11 would then be available a few days after that.

The new iPhone 8/Pro/Edition or X will come with the full version of iOS and it’s rumored to be available for shipping in late October. Many rumors say that Apple is having some difficulties with the production of the new iPhone but looking at past releases it’s highly unlikely.

The iOS 11 had more beta releases than any other iOS version which tells us that Apple is trying hard to meet the expectations and make the iOS the best mobile operating system.

iOS 11 Features

The iPad is going to receive the biggest changes in iOS 11. The update turns your iPad into a more capable tablet as you can drag and drop files, app icons and more across the operating system. There’s a system-wide dock, a new app switcher, and a Files app so you can launch apps and manage your documents more easily. iOS 11 is full of features and improvements generally. Apple first unveiled iOS 11 at its WWDC event back in June 2017. Developers and early adopters have been able to try out the new version for three months.

This would mean iOS 11 would be released to the public on September 19 or September 20. Apple will announce the exact release timing of iOS 11 at the September iPhone event, which is now less than a week away.

If there will be an iOS 11 Public Beta 10 and iOS 11 Developer Beta 11, Apple will make them available just before the Apple Event.

Going forward, every time Apple updates the developer beta version, the public beta will also receive the same update. You can run the beta until Apple releases the final iOS 11 version in September. Every update will be available itself automatically as long as you have the profile installed.