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iOS 11 – iPhone battery life reduced to a few hours

iOS 11 has been available for over two weeks now and as it's usually the case, users are expressing some complains about battery life.

iOS 11 could be taking a toll on your battery life, the new operating system, which is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners include a lot of new features. iOS 11 brings a number of improvements to voice assistant Siri, as well as a completely redesigned Control Centre, one-handed keyboard, and better multitasking support on iPad.

However, there have been a number of issues following the worldwide launch of iOS 11. iOS 11 is already installed on more than a quarter of existing iOS devices, but it’s not all good news for users who installed it.

Slower performance and battery life issues are among the most problematic “features” of iOS 11. And while things will surely get better as Apple further improves iOS 11, some of you will still have to live with worse battery life on your iPhones.

iOS 11
iOS 11

iPad doesn’t really count here, not because it has a massive battery, but because it’s the iPhone you take and use everywhere throughout the day.

Apple didn’t tout any battery life improvements with iOS 11, and it’s usually the case that major iOS updates take a hit to iPhone and iPad battery life. The new features and capabilities generally take more power and therefore slightly reduce battery life, almost always to the dismay of users.

However, even if iOS 11 battery performance doesn’t remain as bad as this past week and the iOS 11.1 update has improved it a little bit, it may remain worse than iOS 10 to some degree.



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