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iOS 11 Features and Settings You might not know

Apple neglected to show off what any of these minor, hidden features were. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best hidden features coming in iOS 11.

iOS 11 is the latest and most powerful mobile OS from Apple and the biggest changes come to Siri, Apple’s voice assistant; interfaces like the lock screen, App Store and Control Center; and AR software that’s going to mesh the virtual world with your own. When Apple rolls out a new version of iOS, it only gives stage time at its June developer conference to the most important and marketable features. That leaves tons of other new features that fly under the radar for users to find out on their own.

Here we have a list of features you might not know about in iOS 11:

iOS 11 Features: New screenshot mode

Taking a screenshot in iOS is easy and useful but the iOS 11 makes it more editable and you can add a doodle or text to it before you save it or send it via iMessage or email. To take a screenshot simply press the home button and lock button at the same time.

iOS 11 screenshot
iOS 11 Screenshot

iOS 11 Features: New App Switcher on iPad

There are three ways you can access App Switcher on your iPad. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen or use a four-finger swipe upward to bring up App Switcher or double press the home button. It comprises of both App Spaces and Control Center to make your task of switching super easy.

iOS 11 App Switcher iPad
iOS 11 App Switcher iPad


iOS 11 Features: QR Code Reader in Camera App

In iOS 11 the Camera app will natively provide a QR scanning function to all users. This action is straightforward: open the Camera app, point the iOS device at a QR code, and tap on the drop-down notification to act upon it. Prior to this feature, users of iOS devices had to download often poorly-made third-party apps in order to read any QR codes, such as those used in membership programs at lunch spots.

QR Code Reader iOS 11
QR Code Reader iOS 11 / Twitter


iOS 11 Features: Screen Recording

While the average person may not need to record a phone screen, I’m giddy that iOS 11 features a built-in screen-recorder. Activated from the Control Center, the feature allows you to create videos of how you interact with your phone. This is a great feature for anyone who likes to show people what is going on on their iPhone.  You previously needed a Mac and QuickTime software. The uses are almost endless: show someone how to do something on their iPhone by recording yourself doing it and sending the video file; captures website navigation, or even just record FaceTime calls.

iOS 11 Features: Screen Broadcast

A Start Broadcast command pops up when you hard press on the Screen Recording icon in Command Center. Tapping that will simply start a screen recording, but that phrasing suggests that Apple could offer third-party integration with the feature, allow you to share screen recordings live.


iOS 11 Features: Type to Siri

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri and toggle on the “Type to Siri” option. Now you can communicate with Siri by typing instead of only with voice commands.

iOS 11 Features: One-handed Keyboard

This is incredibly useful when you have only one hand free to type messages on your iPhone (for example, when you are carrying a coffee, walking down the street, in the other hand. To enable one-handed keyboard simply touch the globe or emoji icon key in the regular keyboard and then choose the left or right option. All the keys will be smoothed over to one side so you can type with one hand.

iOS 11 Features: FaceTime Live Photos

Go to FaceTime in the Settings app and toggle on “FaceTime Live Photos.” Then, while you’re on a FaceTime video call, tap the shutter button to capture a live screenshot.

iOS 11 Features: FLAC Audio Playback

FLAC, or Free Lossless Audio Codec, is an audio codec hardcore music geeks love. That’s because it has zero compression, making the audio truly lossless in quality. Previously iOS didn’t support FLAC playback, but in iOS 11 it does.

iOS 11 Features: Notes now includes a scanner

Tap the big Plus icon followed by the circular plus sign in the format menu, and then choose the Scan Documents option. That turns your iPhone’s camera into a scanner that can import documents, receipts, and other hard copies into Notes where you can then mark them up.

iOS 11 Features: Instant Wi-Fi Sharing

Instant Wi-Fi sharing allows your iOS 11-using friend’s devices to send a request to your iOS 11 devices to instantly connect to the Wi-Fi network you are on. If you accept, their device will automatically receive the Wi-Fi password so they can quickly get onto your network.

iOS 11 Features: Build tables in Notes

Just tap the Plus icon on your note, followed by the new grid icon that appears in the formatting bar. Adding and deleting rows is as simple as tapping three vertical dots to the left of each row. It’s a simple addition that lets you do a lot more with the Notes app.

iOS 11 Features: App Offloading

App offloading allows you to manually delete rarely-used apps while keeping their settings intact. Deleting the apps can free up much-needed space while keeping their settings intact mean if you reinstall the app, it’s run just like it used to as configured.

iOS 11 Features: NFC Access For Developers

In iOS devices, the NFC chip is how Apple Pay is powered at contactless terminals. But NFC is also used in more things than just contactless payments, such a door locks in hotels. Now that developers have access to the NFC chip, hotel chains could make your iPhone the key to your hotel room or city transit systems could allow you to use your iPhone as transit tickets.

iOS 11 Features: Auto-fill passwords

Signing into a new app can be a pain, but Apple will be bringing iCloud Keychain out of Safari and make it accessible to third-party apps. Once you’ve loaded iOS 11, look for the key icon when you’re signing in.

iOS 11 Features: Emergency SOS

Go to Settings > Emergency SOS, enable the feature, and input your emergency contacts. Then, anytime you tap the power button five times it’ll trigger a call to the police and notify your designated contacts. You can also choose whether or not you want a countdown that will delay the SOS function in case you somehow trigger it by mistake.

iOS 11 Features: Check your flight status in Safari

A new Flights section pops up above the rest of the search results with arrival and departure times. Tap the arrow, and you’ll jump to a map that shows you the current location of the plane, along with more information about the flight status and arrival gate.

iOS 11 Features: Continue a note without unlocking the phone in iOS 11

Apple’s new Control Center can give users direct access to notes now, which means you won’t even have to unlock your device. In Settings > Notes you can designate an amount of time your most recent note will remain accessible.

iOS 11 Features: Repeating timers in iOS 11

You’ll get a new on-screen option whenever you set a timer that expires using iOS 11’s Clock app. In addition to a button that will stop the alarm from blaring, the bottom of the screen will feature an option for repeating the timer. It’s a modest change, but a welcome one if your iPhone doubles as a kitchen timer and you find yourself having to reset the timer as you cook or bake.

iOS 11 Features: Do Not Disturb While Driving

iOS 11 has a new feature that can prevent you from using your phone while driving. Open the Settings app and go to Do Not Disturb. Then, under “Do Not Disturb While Driving,” tap Activate and select Manually (you’ll have to enable this feature on your own) or “When Connected to Car Bluetooth.”

iOS 11 Features: Convert anything to a PDF

A new button on the iOS share sheet marked “PDF” lets you convert a webpage, photo, or just about anything else to a PDF. You can also mark it up with notes before saving it.

iOS 11 Features: Share Wi-Fi Passwords with Nearby Devices

Now you can just ask someone already connected to the network to share their password with you over the air with no typing involved. As long as both devices are running iOS 11, it’ll work and macOS High Sierra is supported.

iOS 11 Features: Messages Can Be Store in iCloud

All of your messages on your iPhone can finally really be synced with your messages on your Mac. Previously, it was a big mess, and messages you deleted on your iPhone would not delete on your Mac as well. This is a huge privacy concern, obviously, so this is a nice addition.