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IOS 11: what we expect

Credible sources are already talking about the novelties that iOS 11 should bring, which should be presented on June 5th. Social networks and augmented reality would be on the menu.

Of course, today’s attention is still very much on iOS 10. But keeping in mind Apple’s habits, and the expected features that may have missed the call of the latest version of the system, it is already possible to project to try to imagine what the next grind could bring Of iOS. Especially since credible sources have already begun to evoke Apple’s plans for the future of its OS in 2017 …

IOS 11: download, release date and roadmap

Every year since 2007, Apple has released a new version of iOS in June, at the opening keynote of its WWDC event. 2017 should not be an exception. If Apple follows its habits, iOS 11 should be presented on June 5, 2017, the opening date of the WWDC 2017. Those with Apple developer accounts will be able to explore as of this date a beta version which will be repeatedly Day before the launch of the final version, the following autumn.

What’s new in iOS 11

The possibility of making FaceTime calls to several could be added to iOS 11. It’s that says an Israeli website, recalling that part of the mobile system of Cupertino is developed in Israel … Such discussions could several Be launched from iMessage, and accommodate up to 5 people. Apple will fill the gap on Microsoft and Google, which already offer this possibility with their Skype tool and Hangouts …


Virtual reality. 

Recently, a field has particularly interested the tenants of the computer industry: that of virtual or augmented reality. Microsoft, Google, Facebook … all have announced projects in this emerging area at their latest conferences. It would be almost astonishing not to see Apple unsheathed in turn. Moreover, Business Insider is sure, Apple is working there: Cupertino would like to add augmented reality technology to the software associated with the iPhone camera. The latter could thus recognise objects in the field of vision, according to Kris Kolo, of Flyby Media, a young shoot specialised in this field bought by Apple. Another objective: to recognise the faces, to modify them virtually,

A facial recognition system could be announced at WWDC 2017. This suggests that the persistent rumours, from such an analyst at JPMorgan (Rod Hall). The recent acquisition of the young Israeli shoot Realface, specialised in this field, also goes in this direction. This face recognition would be a novelty included in the iPhone 8, as it obviously involves hardware modifications, but it also requires software changes in iOS: this is why novelty could be announced at WWDC – an event during which Apple does not make more announcement about the iPhone since 2010, but this could change in 2017 so.

Making Health app a diagnostic tool: this is the ambition has displayed  Tim Cook. For now, this app is limited to collecting data but does not analyse it. But that could change with iOS 11, according to the exchange that took place between Apple and the FDA … One caveat, however: a key employee of the Health app is part of Apple’s end of 2016. The project could, therefore, have lead in the wing.

Drones to the rescue of Plans: this is what announces an article signed by Mark Gurman, who has several times been able to reveal the future projects of Cupertino. Apple has already obtained the green light from the Federal Aviation Administration to use drones and has even recruited “at least” a specialist, who already helped Amazon to use these devices. The idea is to update Plans faster, bringing up fresh information about work in progress, deviations or traffic signs. It remains to be seen which places could benefit from such a device.

However, this is not the only way to improve Plans: Cupertino would also like to work on interior mapping, for busy places such as airports or museums. Two companies specialised in this sector have already been bought by Apple:, in 2015, and WiFiSlam in 2013.

IOS 11 should offer more possibilities to Apple Pencil. © Apple


News about the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is the latest Apple terminal to benefit from iOS. It is, therefore, predictable that Apple will improve its mobile system for this tablet optimised for productivity. And that’s exactly what should happen.  According to another article written by Mark Gurman, the company of Tim Cook plans an update of iOS specifically concerning the iPad Pro. Apple would consider allowing users of its Pencil to make annotations on many applications. Mail, Safari, and iMessage are listed. These software updates could be made to  iOS 10  in the first half of 2017,

Make iOS and Siri even smarter. Siri became “proactive” with iOS 9. The assistant also opened up to interact with third-party apps with iOS 10, greatly expanding its potential. Apple should also logically continue to work on Siri’s intelligence and present features of iOS 11 that will go in that direction. The company headed by Tim Cook continue to make acquisitions in the field of machine learning. After buying the Perception company at the end of 2015, Cupertino took over Turi last August, and even more recently, Tuplejump, another player in the field.

Apple does not hide its intention to make iPhone or iPad genuine remote control driving homes connected. © Apple

Continuation of the IoT offensive. It is also quite possible that new synergies between iPhone, iPad and Apple’s connected watch will be presented at WWDC 2017 and will be part of the new features of iOS 11. Overall, it would not be surprising that Apple continues its Offensive in connected objects, in cars for example, but not only, and this should continue to impact iOS.

Terminals that will not be eligible for iOS 11

With iOS 10, Apple has been pretty stern, since popular iPads have not been up to date. The iPad 2, the iPad 3 but also the first iPad mini glowed by their absence in the lists of compatible iDevices.

Maybe with iOS 11, the share of the abandoned iPad park will be lower. Perhaps Apple will also decide that its new system can not be updated on its oldest models.

One can thus imagine that if Apple has already excluded from its list of compatible terminals the iPad 3 (released in March 2012) and the iPad mini (released in November 2012), maybe the iPad 4 (also released in November 2012) will not be able to receive iOS 11.

iDevices of the next generation, the one released in the fall of 2013, could also be on the spot (unless it’s for iOS 12?). This generation of 2013 includes the iPad 5, the iPad mini 2. As for the iPad Air 2, it is replaced by a model soberly called “iPad 9.7 “, and that will undoubtedly benefit the new system.



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