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iOS 11 Developer Beta 6 Released: What’s New

Apple released a surprise early release of iOS 11 for developers. The iOS Developer beta 6 has just been released today only a few days after the iOS 11 beta 5.

This is the beta that’s only available to developers, not the rest of us who are able to see the software early via the public beta. You can sign up for the dev beta just by registering as a developer but bear in mind that this costs $99. If you would like to install iOS 11 developer beta without a developer account check our other articles on iOS 11.

We will be updating this article over the next hours as more changes become apparent.

Some changes in the previous iOS 11 Betas are:

  • Minor changes to Settings and Camera app icon to increase contrast
  • Horizontal lines removed from Camera icon
  • Smaller icons in Weather app
  • 3D Touching a Control Center icon that lacks an action simulates a tap
  • New play/pause button in Control Center music controls
  • New source icon in Control Center navigates straight to AirPlay options
  • Now Playing Lock screen widget shows output, album, and artist
  • Screen Recording status bar is red instead of blue
  • Accessing Cover Sheet no longer scrolls up content you were browsing
  • Spotlight Search stays on screen when scrolling through widgets
  • New iPad multitasking splash screen
  • New slide animation when accessing multitasking on iPad
  • iMessages in iCloud removed temporarily
  • Smart Invert no longer inverts Dock on home screen
  • New Portrait mode splash page in Camera app (out of beta)
  • Camera level for downward facing shots (when grid enabled)
  • New FaceTime ring when making a call
  • Updated SOS settings page
  • Apps using location no longer appear in blue banner of shame in status bar
  • Trusting computer now requires authentication

The iOS 11 Beta 6 is likely a bug fixes update. Watch this space to see what’s new in the iOS 11 beta 6.

Known changes in the iOS 11 Developer Beta 6:

  • New Maps, App Store, and fixed Reminders icons.
  • New splash page for Photos.
  • Launching the App Store no longer stops other audio that’s playing.
  • Several bugs with Family Sharing features have been fixed.
  • All phone numbers are now displayed during a multi-party conference call.
  • Notes bug fixes.
  • Tapping the Wi-Fi button in Control Center now disconnects from the current network and
    temporarily disables Wi-Fi networking.
  • Six fish Live wallpapers removed.
  • Auto-Brightness moved from Display & Brightness to Display Accommodations in Accessibility.
  • Clock icon numbers slightly bolder.
  • New AirPods animation.
  • Now Playing AirPlay indicator now solid blue during use.


iOS 11 beta 6
iOS 11 beta 6
iOS 11 Beta 6
iOS 11 Beta 6