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iOS 11 Beta 6 Expected Release Date

What's the iOS beta 6 expected release date looking at past beta releases.

In this article, we discuss what’s the expected iOS beta 6 release date. Since we got right the past few iOS beta releases we will try and guess the next beta release.

Before we look into the next iOS 11 Beta release, here are most of the features released with the iOS 11 beta 5:

  • Minor changes to Settings and Camera app icon to increase contrast
  • Horizontal lines removed from Camera icon
  • Smaller icons in Weather app
  • 3D Touching a Control Center icon that lacks an action simulates a tap
  • New play/pause button in Control Center music controls
  • New source icon in Control Center navigates straight to AirPlay options
  • Now Playing Lock screen widget shows output, album, and artist
  • Screen Recording status bar is red instead of blue
  • Accessing Cover Sheet no longer scrolls up content you were browsing
  • Spotlight Search stays on screen when scrolling through widgets
  • New iPad multitasking splash screen
  • New slide animation when accessing multitasking on iPad
  • iMessages in iCloud removed temporarily
  • Smart Invert no longer inverts Dock on home screen
  • New Portrait mode splash page in Camera app (out of beta)
  • Camera level for downward facing shots (when grid enabled)
  • New FaceTime ring when making a call
  • Updated SOS settings page
  • Apps using location no longer appear in blue banner of shame in status bar
  • Trusting computer now requires authentication

Watch this video by EverythingApplePro where he covers over 90 changes in the new iOS 11 beta 5.


So what’s the iOS Beta 6 release date?

One of the things we noticed about Apple is that the company actually follows a release pattern when it comes to releasing new beta versions of its major platforms for testing. Given the two-week release gaps we have seen between all previous iOS 11 beta releases so far, we can safely assume that developers and public testers will get the next build arriving on to their devices on Monday, August 21 and Tuesday, August 22, respectively.

The iOS 11 developer beta 6 will be released first on the 21st and the public beta on the 22 of August.

It’s very unlikely that any new iOS 11 betas between now and the official launch date in September will come with major new features and functionality. Apple has already set its stall out with what iOS 11 is about, and has already put in place the new additions. The beta builds from now are likely going to be about refining that experience with bug fixes and ensuring that the platform offers the positive user-experience, enhanced performance, and efficient power management to attract device owners in their droves, and give them a reason to update immediately from iOS 10.

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