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What’s the iOS 11.1 Beta 6 release date?

In this article, I’m trying to guess the estimated iOS 11.1 Beta 6 release date, while the release date can’t be accurate there’s a chance on guessing it by looking at previous releases.

Apple iOS 11.1 developer beta 5 has just been released last week. While everyone thought the iOS 11.1 developer beta 4 is the GM version, Apple pushed the iOS 11.1 5th beta to developers.

The iOS 11.1 5th Developer Beta update comes just a few days after Apple released beta 4. iOS 11.1 includes changes such as hundreds of new emoji, the return of the 3D multitasking gesture, and more. So what’s the iOS 11.1 Beta 6 release date?

What’s the iOS 11.1 Beta 6 release date?

One of the things we noticed about Apple is that the company actually follows a release pattern when it comes to releasing new beta versions of its major platforms for testing. At this time it’s difficult to say but looking at past releases it might be today 30th of October or next Monday on the 6th of November.

Sources say that Apple might ship the new iPhone X with a final version of iOS 11.1.

The beta builds from now on are likely going to be about refining that experience with bug fixes and ensuring that the platform offers the positive user-experience, enhanced performance, and efficient power management.


How to install the iOS 11.1 Beta 6 on your device?

Registered developers can download the iOS 11.1 beta 6 from Apple’s Developer Center or over-the-air once the proper configuration profile has been installed from the Developer Center.

iOS 11 and iOS 11.1 marks a major update to the operating system with systemwide design tweaks, a new Lock screen experience, a revamped Control Center, ARKit, new app features, and an entirely new interface for the iPad that includes a Dock, Drag and Drop support, and a redesigned App Switcher for better than ever multitasking.