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Investigations Are Underway as Apple Look into a New Call Bug

iPhone X Users Seem to Be the Hardest Hit

Yesterday, Apple revealed that they’re investigating complaints into a glitch causing iPhone X users trouble. Apparently, the glitch is preventing them from answering phone calls.

Thousands of comments describing the issue appeared over the internet – mostly on Apple’s support forum and other iPhone related websites. The issue is that when the phone receives a call, the user simply isn’t given an option to pick the call up. Subsequently, this has resulted in a lot of missed calls and frustration from iPhone owners around the globe. iPhone X users seem to be particularly plagued by the issue, although owners of other models have complained about it too.

Many seem to believe that the issue is to do with the software. A problem with the software would make sense, seeing as the call bug is an iPhone-wide issue. Currently, the only workaround is to reset the phone. Although some iPhone owners have reported that resetting their phone has been a success, many others have said the issue still hasn’t been completely resolved.

Apple seems to be having bad-luck when it comes to their software recently. iOS 11 had so many things wrong with it after release, that many features slated for release in iOS 12 actually had to be pushed back to iOS 13. Apple’s chief software engineer, Craig Federighi, has said that they’re focusing on making their software as sturdy and bug-free as possible. Apple is continually pushing out fixes for iOS 11, and are meanwhile making iOS 12 a more technically rigorous update so they don’t have the same consumer and media backlash that they’re currently facing.

The call-bug is just another sting for iPhone X users especially, who have paid over £999 for their luxury phone.


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