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Insiders Have Suggested the iPhone X Will Be Cancelled This Year

Releasing the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X Wasn't a Good Idea for Apple

The rumor mill has been in full-swing today after numerous people have suggested that, in a shocking move, Apple could cancel their iPhone X. Not just reduce the price by a considerable amount or slow down their production but put an end to the phone as we know it.

The hotly-debated topic of the iPhone X cancellation all started when Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who published a report on iPhone sales across the world and particularly in Asia, explained a few interesting facts he uncovered as an analyst.

Ming-Chi Kuo who works for KGI Securities, has said: “Contrary to other predictions based on the supply chain, KGI says that the iPhone X has not been as impactful in China as predicted because of the notch holding the sensors for the device, giving consumers the impression that there is less usable space than on the iPhone 8 Plus.”

The Asian market – in addition to the Western market – has been more driven to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as they’re far cheaper than the iPhone X. In the eyes of the consumer, paying less and not having the facial recognition feature and still having the home button is a far greater deal.

So, now that the news has leaked, what exactly can we expect from Apple and the iPhone X? Current rumors suggest that Apple will be stopping production in Summer 2018, meanwhile hanging on to the iPhone Xs that they’ve already produced and trying to shift them.

Whatever Apple decides to do with the iPhone X, one thing is clear. Due to poor sales and the very high-end price of the iPhone X, Apple will be made to go back to the drawing board, learn from their mistakes, and not release three very similar iPhones at the same.

Stay tuned for more iPhone X news.


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