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This is how the impossible design of the iPhone 8 has come true

According to multiple sources and after many contradictory speculations, finally, the integration of the Touch ID will be located behind the screen as we all wanted and will require a small frame for the front camera.

In this way, we forget the sensor of traces in the back that so many complaints are generating in the Samsung Galaxy S8 by its lack of ergonomics and we take full advantage of the screen without borders, that nevertheless will still have a small edge for a frontal camera that Apple will take advantage of other features. That is, design and innovation will go hand in hand on the iPhone 8.


In addition, the sources of leaks are reliable: the first comes from Weibo, a Chinese website that is a gold mine in terms of information. The second comes from Benjamin Gaskin, one of the most technological journalists on the planet and who has already given some exclusive environment to those of Cupertino.

As you can see in the images, in the impressive almost borderless screen with OLED technology and the integrated Home button there will be a space where there will be permanent information that will be updated, such as time, date and signal strength. Of course, Apple is not a pioneer in this idea, since Sharp has anticipated integrating the same cut in his Aquos R Compact.


Could the notifications be integrated? Probably not, because Apple plans a functional area or function area in the pure Touch Bar style of the MacBook Pro that will vary depending on the content of the screenfor example, appear the controls of the player when we are listening to music.

It all sounds better and Apple seems to be taking advantage of these months of delay over the competition by polishing the mistakes of others and developing a truly impressive product.



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