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iMac Pro will be available to order on December 14

The iMac Pro is one of Apple’s responses to a backlash from its developer community late last year. After developers indicated their frustrating with the lack of powerful options Apple was selling (particularly as it related to the MacBook Pro), Apple said it would release a new Mac Pro and introduce an iMac Pro as well.

As Apple did with the iPhone X, it’s given some YouTubers early access to the iMac Pro. Marques Brownlee has one of the first videos out. He says that Final Cut alone isn’t enough to spin up the fans, which is an okay first sign (although Final Cut isn’t as demanding as Premiere, which is much more widely used). The iMac Pro also comes with a black Lightning cable for charging the black keyboard — another small thing that’s exclusive to this computer.

Apple announced back in June that its first ever iMac Pro would launch this month — and now, with just a few weeks to go, we’re finally getting some details. Apple updated its website yesterday to say that the iMac Pro will be available to order December 14th. It didn’t offer any updates on pricing or configurations, but last we heard, the machine will start at $4,999.

The iMac Pro is the first iMac to support 8, 10, and 18-core variants, making it easily the most powerful Mac on the market to date. Apple also appears to be launching a surprise 14-core variant, which gives users, even more, options to balance price and performance.

The machine will also come with up to 128 GB of ECC DDR4 2666MHz RAM, up to 4 TB of storage, and the option of configuring a 16GB Vega 64 GPU.

The 14- and 18-core iMac Pro won’t be available until later in 2018, but the 8- and 10-core variants will be available for order on December 14th. The 14-core iMac Pro wasn’t known about until today, but it makes sense considering that Intel’s 14-Core W-class Xeon processor is already a part of its existing lineup.