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IDC Announces Stable iPhone Sales for First Quarter 2017

It is the absolute status quo at the top of the mobile sector. According to the last batch of IDC figures, Apple and Samsung reported sales of identical volumes to 2016, 79 million smartphones sold on the side of the South Korean giant and 51 million iPhone for the master of Cupertino. In the retail, Apple would actually increase a hair (+ 0.8%), but this progression remains as we say in the margin of error. Huawei is still pushing Apple with sales estimated at 34.2 million units (and a growth of 21.7%), while the three pursuers of the dominant duo, all Chinese, OPPO follows behind with 25.6 million units (+ 29.8%) and Vivo closes this top 5 with 18.1 million sales (+ 23.6%); LG, HTC, Sony, and so on, we are now in the “Other” category, a category where none of the members is able to reach the 5% market share.


The release of the iPhone RED will not have allowed Apple to return to growth, but this move is not necessarily bad news as the iPhone 8 is already on the horizon. IPhone sales are not expected to fall much this year, and could even revert to cannonball in the last quarter of 2017 (which will be the first fiscal quarter 2018 for Apple).

Taken as a whole, the mobile market continues to grow at the beginning of 2017; Admittedly, + 4.3% is not a gigantic leap, and it is now very far from the growth scores recorded during the years 2007 to 2014; We have to face the obvious: the mobile market is slowly becoming saturated, and the places of each other should crystallize more strongly in this context of maturity of the sector.



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