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How to use the new Files App available in iOS 11

In the newest iOS software, iOS 11, Apple implemented a new app called Files App which will be available for iPad and iPhone. Files is the main place from which you will be able to access all the files on your Apple Device and files in your iCloud storage. You can organize, find, open and delete all the files on your device and in your iCloud there, and files that you have in 3rd-party storage services (e.g. Dropbox).

It’s very important to mention that drag-and-drop will be available for iOS 11, so this will be very useful in Files app. It’s very simple to use this also, you will just need to hold your finger on a file/folder you would like to move and it will follow your finger as you move it across the screen. To select multiple files at once, you will just need to keep holding the first one while you select the others. After that, you can use your other hand to navigate through different folders to find the one where you want to “drop” these files, and when you find it, just drag it there and lift your finger from the screen.

You can also use drag-and-drop feature outside the Files app. You will just need to select certain files you would like to move and press the Home button which will exit Files app. The selected files will stay beneath your fingers and you can now just move them to desired application, which will automatically insert those files to that app. Of course, this app must be compatible with these files.



If you do not want to use the drag-and-drop feature, you can use a different method. Firstly, you will need to turn on the Select mode in your Files app. Now you can choose which file you would like to move/delete/share by tapping the small circle that appears next to the file/folder icon. If you want to move your file, simply tap on Move and select your destination folder (or cloud service) where you wish to move your files. If you want to delete your file, simply press the Delete button, or if you want to share it, press Share button which will bring all the available share options.

The new Tag feature will be implemented in this Files app. Basically, you will be able to organize your files by adding a tag to them. You can tag different files and folders by simply using drag-and-drop feature to move your files/folders to the desired tag. After you tagged your files and folders, It will be easier to search for a certain file/folder and it’s important to mention that tagging won’t remove your file/folder from where it’s originally placed.

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