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How to update your iPhone/iPad

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  • Backup your data
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One of the most important things to keep your device working normally and the best it can is staying updated. The same thing is with Apple’s software. With every new update, Apple fixes some problems and bugs that may occur. Also, you will receive new functions and apps occasionally with software updates.

It is advised that you download the newest software as soon as it comes. If you, however, want to see if others are experiencing any problems with the new software, wait few days before updating but do not wait too long.

On the other hand, updates can fail and erase your data. This does not happen very much but to be on the safe side, be sure to back up your data before updating your software. You can also check our homepage for the issues that may occur with the new update.

Backup your data

To do this, connect your iOS device to the PC/Mac and start iTunes. Enter your device’s summary and select Backup. After a few minutes, your backup process will finish and you are good to go.

How to update iOS

You can do this via computer or right on your device.

If you want to update on your computer, connect your device and start iTunes. Open up device’s summary and select Update your software. Now follow the on-screen instructions, skip creating the backup if you already have one and let it update. It will notify you when it’s finished on your computer and your iOS device will boot up.

If you want to update directly from your device, go to Settings > General >Software update and wait few seconds until your device finds updates. If the new software is available, you will see the version of the software and changelog. Now simply choose Download and install and your updating process will start. After you download the newest software, your phone will shut down and you will see an Apple logo with the loading bar below it. When the process finishes, your phone will boot.

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