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How to turn off automatic app updates on your iPhone/iPad

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  • How to disable automatic app updates while using cellular data
  • How to turn off automatic app updates

The Automatic app update is a feature in iOS which keeps your applications up to date. Basically, when you connect to the internet, your device will automatically search for new updates in the background and start downloading them if this feature is turned on. This feature is great because you will automatically get new updates for apps that fix different kinds of problems you may experience.

In these settings, you will be able to enable or disable Auto downloading Apps, Music and Books which are bought/downloaded for free on other devices using the same Apple ID.

However, this feature has some downsides. First one is the battery life, which may decrease moderately if this feature is turned on. Other problem could be updating apps with your cellular data that will run out quickly (of course, this depends on the plan you have) if you continue using it.

How to disable automatic app updates while using cellular data

If you do not wish to turn off Auto app updates, but want to save your cellular data,  you can just switch to download over WiFi only. To do this, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and disable ‘Use cellular data‘. After you disable it, your device will still automatically update apps but only when you are connected to the WiFi.

How to turn off automatic app updates

In the same Settings ( Settings > iTunes & App Store ) you will find options for turning off Automatic app updates. To turn it off, simply disable it by clicking on the slider next to ‘Apps’. In these settings, you can also disable automatic Music, Books & Audiobooks and Updates.

Another thing worth mentioning is that if you have Low Power Mode turned on, all automatic updates and downloads will be disabled until the mode is turned off.

If you decide to disable it, you will notice some increase in your battery life. However, be sure to check manually for app updates in your App Store to keep up to date with bug fixes and new features. To check more tutorials like this, head over to our Tips & Tricks section.



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