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How to speed up your MacBook charging

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  • Adjust Energy Saver Preferences:
  • Turn off your Mac
  • Turning off settings and apps

Are you annoyed by your MacBook charging time? You feel like it takes forever to charge? You came to the right place because we will explain you few Tips & Tricks you can use to make your computer charge faster.

We published one similar article a few days ago for iPad but the tips are not the same for iPad and Mac. We suggested you should use a higher wattage power adapter for iPad but it won’t work for Mac. Do not get us wrong, you can use higher wattage power adapter to charge your Mac but your charging time will remain the same.

For Mac, there are few options what you can do and we will try to explain each one.

Adjust Energy Saver Preferences

On your Mac, click your battery icon in the menu bar. Choose Energy Saver Preferences and another window will open. Make sure your Automatic graphics switching option is enabled. This will decrease your charging time.You can also select Put hard disks to sleep when possible to make your charging faster and to make your battery life longer.

Turn off your Mac

To get the absolute fastest time to hit that 100% battery will be turning the computer off. While everything is turned off, your battery will just be charging, it won’t be working and consuming power.

Turning off settings and apps

If you do not want to shut down your Mac while charging, the best way to get your Mac fully charge in the fastest time is shutting down all unwanted apps and options. Check whether you need all those apps that are opened and focus on only keeping the apps you use turned on. As far as the settings are concerned, you can lower your brightness, turn off WiFi, turn off Location services and etc. Basically, focus on having only applications/options you need for your use turned on and your charging time will increase.

Your MacBook will charge about 2 to 3 hours approximately and below 2 hours if you shut it down completely. This is, of course, average charge time so it may vary on different versions of Mac. To see more articles like this, check our Tips & Tricks section. 




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