How to speed up your iPad charging

As you probably know, many Android phones have, in the last few years, started using new technology (fast charging) but there is still no sign of Apple implementing it in their devices. Android phones offer quick charging solutions ( it is said they charge from 0% to 50% in 30mins) and some say Apple is expected to start using this technology next year.

For now, we can only use some ‘tricks’ to charge our iPhone/iPad faster. In this article, we will concentrate on solutions for charging iPad faster.

Turn on Airplane Mode or shut down your iPad while charging

One of the most popular solutions for speeding your charging is to shut down all the functions that are using ‘battery’. You can turn them off by switching to Airplane Mode and you won’t be receiving calls, messages or any other kind of notifications. Also, all of your connections will be turned off (the internet, Bluetooth etc). The easiest way to turn on Airplane mode is by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Just let your iPad charge and you will notice a difference.

Another way to speed up your charging is by shutting down the iPad completely. It has almost the same effect as the Airplane mode since it shuts down all the connections but also everything else. This solution is expected to make your iPad charge a little faster than the Airplane mode one.

Charge iPad with the best possible power adapter

Check you power adapters bottom and make sure you are using a 12W adapter. That is the possible solution for charging your iPad while being on the safe side. If you are using 5W or 10W you change it and you will definitely notice some difference. Click here for the Apple site of the 12W charger. While there might be some other solutions for a charger from different manufacturers, Apple advises we should only use their chargers.

If you are using iPad Pro 12.9 inch version, you should come equipped with the 12W. However, since that version has a really large battery you can also use some better chargers for it (29W, 61W and 87W). You can find all those chargers on Apple’s official site.

So, to get your iPad charging the fastest, you should use the best possible power adapter and turn the device off( or turn on Airplane mode). To check more news and tutorials regarding iPad check our iPad section.




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