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How to make Gold Edition Apple Watch from any Apple Watch (Video)

The tech world is completely aghast at the price of the gold Apple Watch Edition, which starts at $10,000 but would cost you even more if you plan on buying it. The pricing is baking everyone’s noodles. It’s so hard for us to understand how can this edition cost so much more than the basic one when the only difference it’s in the design. This is not how tech works.

Even if you decide to buy it and you want a better bracelet the price can go up to $ 17,000.

Of course, gold watches have been on the market for years and it is already known that the Golden Apple Watch uses about $ 700 in the value of gold. Which means that the price should be much lower than $ 10,000. Maybe 2-3 thousand. Of course, this is a marketing trick that will attract those who have that kind of money and who loves Apple more than any other Watch brand that has a long tradition in watchmaking.

But now with little electrochemistry, you can turn your ordinary Apple Watch into a Gold Edition for just $ 97. You will not turn metal into gold because that hasn’t been invented yet, but you can put it in a thin layer of 24 carat gold it will look like Gold Edition Watch.

Here is a link to their Kickstarter campaign. And you can watch their video below:


This is a Kickstarter campaign that has already received enough money to turn this dream into reality. For $ 97, they will send you everything you need to make this along with the instructions. The kit comes with an electrochemical tool and three chemicals that will ionize atoms

Now we can all be like Kanye and Beyonce and the only thing we need is a regular Apple Watch. To check more tutorials like this check our Tips & Tricks section.



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