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How to install Game Boy Advance emulator on iDevices without jailbreak

We all know that with the help of jailbreak we can install various applications and tweaks, like emulators for playing titles from older consoles. GBA4iOS is a Game Boy Advance emulator that is one of the most popular apps that can be installed without the jailbreak. The app will “turn” your iPhone or iPad to Game Boy Advance.

To make this work properly, this emulator (or the application itself) needs Apple certificates, which is otherwise known as “loophole” in these cases. It is also known that Apple sometimes knows and close the certificate here and there so we recommend that you if you want a nostalgic trip with Mario, Zelda and other Nintendo heroes, install this emulator now.

The new GBA4iOS version has a lot of new options for controllers and supports not only Game Boy Advance but also the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color, Save Game and also using cheats.

You will get the feeling you are actually playing the original Game Boy Advance.



The installation procedure is not complicated, follow these steps to make it work:

1)Run Safari on your device and navigate to the page:

2)Tap the GBA4iOS button and then click the Install button. Confirm the Install option when your iPhone or iPad pops up with an alert.

3)After the installation is complete, navigate to the Settings application, open the General tab and the Profiles section. Tap on the developer’s name and then on the Trust option to allow your emulator to work. Some iOS versions have a different path to these certificates: General> Profile (s) & Device Management or General> Device Management.

And that is it, the application is now ready to use. You will also need the ROM files of your favorite GBA games, but you probably know where to get it. Enjoy playing your favorite titles from your childhood!



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