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How to fix iMessage when it’s not working

iMessage is a cool and innovative way to communicate with your friends with your iPhone for free. Basically, this works like a normal SMS text but you won’t pay anything to send a message.  You can talk with someone if they have iMessage enabled and a compatible device ( iOS device). However, iMessage can sometimes have a problem with your messages not sending. In this article, we will try to explain how to fix this problem.

When you press send you will be informed below your message if the message was delivered. If it says ‘Delivered’ your iMessage works and if you get ‘Not delivered’ your device is the problem.  You can try pressing the red exclamation mark next to your message and pressing ‘Try again’. If it still doesn’t work, try to do these next steps:

1.Check if iMessage is turned on – you can check this by going to Settings > Messages and seeing if iMessage is enabled.  If you see ‘Waiting for activation’ message underneath iMessage option do as it follows: Check if your internet is turned on and the correct time and date are selected on your device. After that, turn off both Facetime and iMessage and restart your device. Now enable both of these options back on and it should automatically activate ( Apple says the maximum activation time is 24hrs but it usually activates after few minutes).

2.Restart your device – the same advice for every problem is to always try restarting the device. Try that for iMessage, a lot of people reported restart fixed their problem. To restart turn off your device by holding Power/Lock button and slide to Power off. After that hold the same button again and the phone will boot.

3.Check if everything is working at Apple – Go to this site to check what is the status of their services. It is usually everything up and running at Apple but you never know what can happen, so be sure to check it if your iMessage is not working.

4. Try texting someone else – Maybe your recipient has some problems with their iMessage so be sure to check this by trying to send iMessage to someone else.

5. Update your OS to the latest version – To do this go to General → Software Update and press Download and Install if new software is available.

We hope this article helped you with your iMessage. But if you are still having problems with your iMessage, try contacting Apple. To check more guides for your iPhone, check our Tips & Tricks section.



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