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How to customize widgets on your iPhone/iPad

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  • How to customize your widgets:

Widgets are a cool and helpful way of getting information. But this is only useful when you set them up yourself. If you did not change or customize anything you probably won’t be amazed by them. In this article, we will explain to you how to customize them to your liking.

The apps that work with these widgets are the one that comes with the Apple’s software like calendar, weather, news, maps and a lot of third party apps. If the app is compatible with widgets, it can show you different kind of content and information. The one that people use the most is the Battery widget and the Places nearby widget.

The place where you can see all of your selected widgets is Today View and you access it by swiping from the left to the right while you are on your Home screen. Your widgets will be shown below the Date when you access it.


How to customize your widgets:

If you do not like the widgets that are automatically set or if you want to add/remove something you will need to scroll to the bottom. You will now see the Edit button that you need to click. After you click it, you will now get into the Settings of your widget from where you can add or remove widgets. To add a widget simply press the green plus button next to the app. To remove a widget, press the red minus next to the app. If you, however, want to change the placement of the widget, you can do this by tapping on the three line button next to the app and dragging it to the desired place.

If your iPhone has 3D Touch you can add widgets right from your Home screen. To do this, simply do a 3D Touch on your app and press Add a widget if it’s available.

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