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How to backspace the iPhone calculator

Today’s mobiles, or rather smartphones, little or nothing resemble those of about 10 years ago. Missed calls and SMS have been replaced. One of the most popular smartphones today is the iPhone, like it more or less, the iPhone is among the top so that at the exit of a new model thousands of people queue even at night to be the first to have them.

If you have a secure iPhone that you have used on more than one occasion the native calculator on iOS with the misfortune that when typing a number by mistake you had no choice but to press the ‘C’ button, which erases the whole number.

The trick that will finally make good use of your iPhone calculator

Well, you know you ‘ve been using your calculator badly. There is a trick to not having to start over, it is possible to delete the last numbers one by one. Just slide your finger on the numbers that appear on the screen to delete the last one.

Just by swiping your finger by the numbers to the right or left you can erase one by one without having to delete all, as it happened before giving the ‘C’. The trick has come to light thanks to a Twitter user¬†who uploaded a video explaining the trick.




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