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Hopefully the iPhone 8 would have the feature we see in this concept

In the absence of 5 months for the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition is a reality, we meet every day new details, that although they are not confirmed by Apple if we have a pretty high confidence that materializing, as can be that your display Will be virtually borderless, featuring a screen with slightly curved OLED technology at the edges, a glass cover that will allow inductive wireless charging and a new and improved dual camera that will enhance the experience of the iPhone 7 Plus.

We are not going to fool you: we have seen dozens of iPhone 8 concepts created by graphic designers who have long teeth, but this one we are going to see below is probably one of our favorites because it also includes a feature that we would like the iPhone 8 that will be released September that I wish it were true .

iPhone 8


What is that feature that would drive us crazy completely? Let the iPhone 8 be Waterproof. Sure that any reader with a reading comprehension somewhat lax will immediately say that the iPhone 7 is already, something that is bluntly false: the iPhone 7 is Water resistant, that is, it supports water, but it is not the same.

iPhone 8

But it also has some things that we know for sure that will never happen, such as Apple integrating its iconic apple logo on the front as well as its back, something that gives a slightly overpowered touch against traditional minimalism.

The second unlikely event is the matching of colour from the back to the front. One of the biggest fiascos of the iPhone 7 (RED) has been precise to have a white front when it was much better black, but at Apple have always been like that: dark front for grey and black and white for everything else.

iPhone 8


Otherwise, a good approximation to the expected, although perhaps somewhat benevolent: a 5.5-inch screen with QHD display, 24-megapixel camera and a battery of 4,000 mAh, these two last features also wish they were true.

The video was made by DBS DESIGNING and published on its Youtube channel, but here you can see it also:




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