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Hints of an iPad with Face ID in iOS 11.3 Firmware

Recently there was evidence found in some iOS code that seems to reference an unreleased iPad, dubbed “modern iPad” which appeared in some earlier versions of the code but has become more present in iOS 11.3.

Filipe Espósito has discovered strings in the first iOS 11.3 beta that refer to a “modern iPad,” which is notable since Apple‘s software engineers referred to the iPhone X as the “modern iPhone” in older firmware, according to both Espósito and developer Guilherme Rambo.

The potential reason for this seems to point at ongoing development of this unreleased iPad. The name referenced gives away quite a bit of detail about what we can expect with this iPad as well.

It’s important to note that “Modern iPhone” was used to refer to the iPhone X before its release. “Modern” was a reference used to differentiate hardware running touch ID and hardware running face ID. This heavily suggests that the iPad in ongoing development will run on the face ID software.

iPad 2018

Not much more has been made available to us or leaked in the code, but it’s very likely that this feature will only be included with the pro versions of the upcoming iPad, and not the cheaper models.

Speculations have claimed that there will be a 2018 iPad Pro update that will most likely get rid of touch ID altogether and replace it with Face ID, just like the iPhone X. A new model of iPad with face ID rather than touch ID will most likely have a smoother and smaller design as well.

This will remove the need for the touch ID sensor, ultimately reducing the size and weight of the whole model. It’s absolutely something worth being excited for, and we’ll be sure to update you once more details become available.



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