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Harbor Master / Pocket God crossover!

If you’re like me, you love getting updates for applications you buy. Firstly, because it shows you that the dev is working hard on the app to improve it for current and new customers. And secondly, because new stuff is fun!

Two weekly updated apps in the App Store, Pocket God, and Harbor Master, have made a deal with each other. They have used features from EACH OTHER’S gameplay in the other developer’s app. Very clever idea, and it does work.


Pocket God recently introduced minigames into their app. And to add to the collection: A Harbor Master style game?! Yes. If you get your Pygmies underwater, and lift up and drop the new Anchor, piranhas will come, and you have to guide them to the other side of the screen, similar to the gameplay in Harbor Master!

Vice versa, if you hold the Harbor Master logo in their app, you activate Pocket God mode! Which involves the Pygmies (I won’t give too much away!)

So thanks to Bolt Creative and Imangi Studios for this! Very nice couple of updates! If you haven’t already got these games – WHY NOT? They’re both $0.99 and available with a quick search on the App Store

Download Pocket God from the App Store now.


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