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Green Kitchen – Healthy Vegetarian Recipes – Review

By Amazing Applications AB

If you’re like me – a devoted vegetarian – your mouth is about to water whether you’re hungry or not. Green Kitchen iOS App will make your stomach rumble and have you reaching for the apron with a new found desire to improve your cooking skills.

About Green Kitchen App

This is a beautifully presented cooking app that focuses on natural, healthy ingredients. All of its recipes come with a “no animals were harmed in the making of this meal” badge.

You don’t need to be a vegetarian to appreciate the dishes on offer. There’s enough variety to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters, and help you eat more wholesome meals without sacrificing flavor or portion sizes – sounds amazing already?

Green Kitchen App
Green Kitchen App


Green Kitchen offers a range of delicious and healthy recipes for you to experiment with. Covering all three meals of the day – and those cheeky snacks between – the app offers almost 150 recipes as standard, with more available to buy in-app. The standard recipes range from making your own breakfast-friendly banana and blueberry pancakes to some portobello and peach burgers that will fill you up after a busy day.

Step-by-step guides hold your hand through the making of a meal, helping you to tick off each part of the recipe as you go. As well as offering up some of the tastiest healthiest meal options in the App Store, Green Kitchen also lets you break things down by your own personal needs. You can filter based on meal type or dietary needs and lifestyle choices, showing only gluten-free meals or those suitable for vegans.

Green Kitchen App
Green Kitchen App

The app’s vibrant photography of food will have you drooling. As an organic cherry atop spiced parsnip cake (there’s a recipe for that), Green Kitchen’s stunning photography is paired with sumptuous descriptions that will make you salivate. One description of gluten-free Swedish chocolate biscuits is a highlight: “When you bite into it, your teeth will crack the thin chocolate crust, sink into the rich and creamy filling and then get all gooey with the biscuit.”

If that’s not enough to make you spend the next hour in the kitchen, nothing is.

(GET) Green Kitchen on the App Store.

Green Kitchen Scores

Functionality - 10
Graphics - 9
Price - 6


User Rating: 5 ( 3 votes)


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