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Could Goldman Sachs Offer a New Financing Programme for Apple Products?

The Talks Between Apple and Goldman Sachs Are Currently Under Way.

It’s been reported in the last few hours that Goldman Sachs is currently in talks with Apple to offer new financing options.

Wall Street Journal has reported information regarding the conversation between Goldman and Apple. Apparently, buyers of the iPhone X will be able to take out a loan directly from Goldman Sachs, rather than charging it to a credit card. Paying for expensive goods, such as Apple’s latest iPhone model which is worth at least $999, often carries high-interest rates. In an interesting move, it seems Goldman Sachs will be offering consumers a far better deal for their money.

According to reports, the offer will extend past the iPhone X, and actually include other models of the iPhone, in addition to Apple’s iWatch and various other devices. Not only will this be a winning scenario for Goldman Sachs, but it’ll obviously be a great option for buyers.

Currently, there are a number of programmes out there for those who want, for example, an iPhone X, so they can have one in their hands immediately without having to pay for it all in one lump sum. There is Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Programme and their numerous financing options, plus mobile phone operators set out their own pay-monthly schemes for customers. The Goldman Sachs option, however, sounds like a more financially feasible route to go down.

Whether or not anything concrete will come out of the talk is still not known, as no deal has yet been made and the talk could still potentially crumble. If you’re interested in what’s coming next, keep an eye on our news section as we’ll update it as soon we hear more about the potential collaboration.


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