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Geared Up! What it’s like to use Apple’s AirPods, and tips for finding them this week

This week on Geared Up, the consumer technology and gadget show from GeekWire and Andru Edwards, we go hands on with Apple’s new $159 AirPods, the wireless earbuds that were released by the company earlier his week.

In his use of the AirPods so far this week, Andru has been impressed, especially with the way they automatically pair with Apple devices via an iCloud login. He’s found that they haven’t fallen out of his ear, they’re comfortable enough to keep in an ear for as many as six hours at a time, and he has been impressed with the sound quality and range.

He’s also impressed with the Siri integration and the iPhone dashboard that shows the battery level of the individual AirPods and charging case. “I’ve definitely used Siri more than I ever have, as well, just because it works!” he says. “It’s way less frustrating when it actually works.”

We also offer a few tips for people hoping to land a pair of these to give as a holiday present.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video above, listen to the podcast below or download the MP3 here.

We kick off the show with some of the week’s top consumer technology news: Pokemon Go on Apple Watch, iPhone 7S and 8 rumors, and an update on Super Mario Run.



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