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Function area opens a world of possibilities on the iPhone 8

Although there are still months for its official presentation – something that could be delayed until 2018 even – the rumours and renders of the iPhone 8 continue happening. The last? A fascinating and novel feature integrated into the borderless screen of the terminal commemorating the tenth anniversary that has left us with its mouth open for its usefulness, Function area or function area.

KGI was the first to put the rumour on the table but now seems to be gaining strength. And is that a screen without borders is a blank sheet to let the imagination fly in terms of possibilities but that poorly resolved can become a fateful experience. The screen of the iPhone 8 will be 5.8 inches, of which approximately 5.15 will be fully functional thanks to the Function area.

What is the Function Area?

Function area will open a world of features and utilities with dynamic buttons, a concept quite similar to the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro. For example, the function area could display multimedia controls in case of playback, or pick up and hang up phone calls, Sharing options if we are on Safari and more.

The truth is that the appearance is very intuitive and at the same time seems clear. In addition, they would also resolve where the controversial Touch ID could be located, a possibility that joins the back as in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8 or even the sides, similar to the new HTC. Because it is worth remembering that to this day, we still do not know what your position will be on the iPhone 8 and this will be a strategic point for an optimal usability of the terminal.

These renders are based on previous leaks in which we can see widely confirmed features such as glass housing or borderless screen, yes, the integrated Home button does not appear in the diagrams. But they really come to confirm how well the Function area would fit with this screen without frames.



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