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Tech21 Evo Tactical Case for iPhone X

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Ricky, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Ricky

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    Nov 18, 2017
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    iPhone X
    Hi guys I just wanted to let you know about the case that I am using for my new iPhone X.

    The Evo Tactical from Tech21
    The Tech21 Evo Tactical has 3 metres or 10 foot drop Protection thanks to Tech21 using 3 layers of advanced impact material.
    Tech21's Evo Tactical case is constructed with an outer shell to cushion the impact, a skeletal frame to spread the impact energy and FlexShockTM, an inner edge lining that will absorb and remaining impact energy.
    Tech21 claim the Evo Tactical is drop tested in a bespoke impact testing machine capturing up to 90,000 raw data points, carrying out up to 1.5 million calculations for each drop.

    Thin and Lightweight
    This construction design by Tech21 for the Evo Tactical ensures a Thin and light design while offering maximum drop protection. At only 43 grams and only adding about 6mm the height, 8mm to the width and 3mm to the depth of the phone.
    Please note that the tech21 website does state that the size difference is more. But I have measured my phone while in the case and got these measurements.

    Textured Back
    The rear of the Tech21 Evo Tactical is textured and gives a raw, tactile feel therefore allowing for a better grip on your phone as opposed to a slick smooth case and it also looks cool. The manufacturing materials are also scratch and UV-yellowing resistant.

    Access to Everything
    The Tech21 Evo Tactical case allows access to all buttons, ports, camera and speakers without having to remove plugs or grommets.

    Camera and Screen Protection
    The raised edges on the front and around the camera of the Tech21 Evo Tactical case protect the camera and screen from scratches when placing your phone onto a flat surface like a table or bench.
    Wireless Charging
    YES, the Tech21 Evo Tactical case is compatible with Wireless charging.

    are so confident with their Evo Tactical case that they offer a limited lifetime warranty on faults during normal use and will replace it for free (with conditions).
    I paid AU$45 in a national retail store, but I don't buy anything without a discount. I believe the RRP was AU$60, so I got a AU$15 discount. On the Tech21 website the price for the Evo Tactical is AU$49.95

    In my opinion the Tech21 Evo Tactical case provides good protection and value for money. It has a great feel while adding minimal size and weight to my iPhone X. I have dropped my phone once while in the case and had no damage caused by the drop. I can access all parts of the phone with ease and I does not feel slippery like some other cases. I have also added a screen protector to my phone for extra screen protection too. I have found this case in many of my local retailers and I assume would be readily available in most major areas of Australia and maybe the world.

    Check out the TECH21 Evo Tactical here>

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  2. Shark5150

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    Nov 19, 2017
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    Philly 'Burbs
    iPhone X
    Looks like a good case but it covers up and adds bulk to a beautiful phone.
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  3. Obi-one

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    Nov 19, 2017
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    iPhone X
    I have a tech 21 clear case nice however looking for something nicer