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My Review of Lineage 2: Revolution

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by SGK, Nov 22, 2017.

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    Nov 18, 2017
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    For those who don't know, Lineage 2: Revolution is an online multiplayer game whose huge skirmishes and deep strategy make it among the most ambitious games on the App Store. The game is a lifelike fantasy world with dazzling graphics backed by the Unreal 4 engine.


    Lineage 2: Revolution is free-to-play and is based on the popular PC online game Lineage 2, which has entertained more than 30 million players since it first debuted. Lineage 2: Revolution stays true to its PC roots, displaying a stunning open field, raids, 200-player castle sieges, character re-designs, and classes.

    Game Trailer

    The Story

    The Elmoreden Empire’s demise ushered in an age of darkness. Each territory declared their independence from the Empire, leading to devastating, blood-stained skirmishes in the quest to claim sovereignty over the land. Within these battles, one group struck fear into the hearts of everyone - the powerful Dark Society, led by Beleth, the master of black magic.

    The Dark Society believed that true power stemmed from terror and began to conspire in secret to create chaos throughout the world. They deceived Emperor Baium of Elmoreden, the proud ruler, to build a Tower of Insolence to challenge all those who lived in the Empire. However, before malice and dark energy could permeate the land, Hardin, a sorcerer second only in strength to Beleth, chose to stand against the Dark Society.

    Anticipating their every move and foreshadowing their evil intentions, he fought valiantly to prevent them from creating utter chaos. However, as time drew on, he realized he could not stand alone. His power waned and his efforts alone were inadequate to stave off the Dark Society’s forces.


    Lineage 2: Revolution follows many of the traditional MMO tropes - you create a character from one of four classes, get thrown into a beginner's area, and start killing monsters to earn your keep.

    You will fight orcs and mages in bite-sized quests, level up and learn to craft gear. It's not a fight you will face alone, in Lineage 2 you can have a 50 strong clan to team up with and defeat the enemies.


    Players can choose from one of 4 different gender-locked races (human, elf, dark elf and dwarf) and 3 playable classes (warrior, mage, and archer) for their character, leading them through the story of the world 100 years before the events of Lineage II.

    Group up with friends and clanmates, or party up with thousands of other players around the world to take down epic bosses, engage in mass-scale PvP combat, and uncover loot in epic raid dungeons.

    As your character slowly grows in power, both through leveling up and acquiring gear, you get more special moves, more passive skills, and access to far more interesting things.

    Lineage 2: Revolution Gameplay Video

    Graphics & Sound

    Along the way the visuals and sound will enhance every sword slash, spell cast and area explored. Lineage 2 really has stunning graphics. The sound is very high quality and it will make you dive easily into the story.

    Bottom Line

    Lineage 2: Revolution is a very enjoyable iOS game and it's very easy to play as well, aside from challenge dungeons and PvP content, where the player must take control of their character, it’s pretty much all automatic.

    It's a game you can play on the go and come back to it when you have some spare time or you can spend all day playing it. Just don't spend too much money in the store, the game will lure you in buying in-app purchases very often.

    Definitely worth a play.

    Download Lineage 2: Revolution from the App Store
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