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Into The Dead 2 Unlimited Gold Cheat Hack iOS (Tutorial)

Discussion in 'iOS Apps & Games' started by SGK, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. SGK

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    Nov 18, 2017
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    Today I'm going to show you how to hack Into the dead 2 and get a lot of gold so you can buy all the good stuff and make the game more enjoyable. I've been playing the game for about a month and I realized that I can't go through some levels because the game wants me to pay to play.

    Let's proceed with the tutorial. Before we go through I need to say that you will need to register on the forum in order to download the files needed for this to work so if you're not planning to do that you might as well just turn back now.

    You will not have to solve any stupid surveys or pay any money for this but you will have to visit the downloads thread which is available only for registered members.

    What will you need for this?

    An iPhone running iOS 8 - 11 (no jailbreak required)
    A lightning gable
    A computer with iTunes installed (preferably a macOS one)
    iExplorer installed on your computer (it's free)
    Into the Dead 2 installed on iPhone and at least first stage completed

    This is dead simple and you will most likely succeed with no issues but as usual, I recommend a full backup saved on a different folder - you will see why.

    1. Full backup

    Close all your applications on your iPhone and connect it to your computer. You will open iTunes and click the small iPhone icon at the top. After that, you will see the backup section, make sure the "This computer" option is ticked. Press Backup now and wait until is finished.

    screen 1.png

    2. Download iExplorer

    Download iExplorer from its official website and install it.

    screen 2.png

    You are halfway through this by now.

    3. Find the backup and the game file

    Open iExplorer and continue with the demo. iExplorer will show you the backup you just did, that's what we need to hack Into the dead 2 game.

    screen 3.png

    After you click that button select the folder "app" and you will see individual folders with all your installed apps:

    Screen 4.png

    You will then click on the "com.pikpok.dr2.iosstore" and further select the "Documents" folder. Open the "Documents" folder and you will see 3 individual files:

    Screen 5.png

    You will then open each file with your text app and select all and delete it clean:

    Screen 7.png

    Do like that with all 3 files and move to the next step.

    4. Replacing the code

    Go to our Downloads forum and save the "Documents.zip" on your computer. Follow this link.
    It will look like this:

    Screen 8.png

    You will then copy/paste the code from our "Downloads" folder files into your ones that you have emptied previously. Do it one by one so you don't get confused. After you paste the code just close the window and it will save itself, just to make sure, open it again and check.

    5. Restore the backup

    This is the easy part, you just have to make sure is the last backup you just made at step 1 but iTunes usually gives you the latest anyway. Just click "Restore backup".

    Screen 9.png

    6. Enjoy the game

    You should now have about 10 million gold but you will still have to unlock all the weapons and levels and you will still die and have to play levels again. This is just to make it more enjoyable and FREE. This is how it will look.

    Screen 10.jpg

    If you liked the tutorial make sure you share it with your friends and comment below if you have any issues. Peace