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How to fix iPhone charging problems

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  • You should try using another Lightning cable
  • You should try another charging brick or power source
  • Clean the dust from your Lightning port

Are you having problems with charging your iPhone? You are not sure if the iPhone or the charger is causing problems? You came to the right place because we will explain to you how to fix these problems.

You should try using another Lightning cable

Lightning cable is the cable you use to connect your power adapter to the iPhone. The Broken or faulty cable may be the reason why your iPhone won’t charge. The best solution to test this out is by simply using another cable to connect to your iPhone. If your iPhone charges, after you switched the cables, then you will need to go buy another one and you issue will be resolved. Be sure to buy Apple certified cables to avoid any other problems.

If this did not help you should try our other solutions because the Lightning cable is not the problem.

You should try another charging brick or power source

The problem can also be caused by the faulty power adapter. To check this one out, use a different power adapter. Be careful with this because using wrong power adapter could cause more unwanted problems. Check the wattage on your power adapter( that you think it’s faulty) and replace it with the same one (or with the similar one).

Clean the dust from your Lightning port

Dust in your Lightning port can cause problems with charging. So, be sure to clean it once in a while to prevent charging problems.

Simply use your toothpick or a similar object and gently clean the dust from the port. It is very important to do this slowly and gently so you don’t damage anything. If you, however, notice something broken inside while cleaning, contact Apple support. We also have a more detailed guide on how to clean your lightning port.

If nothing worked, try restarting your device and see if it would help. Otherwise, contact Apple support for your charging problems. To see more tutorials, check our Tips & Tricks section.




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