How was the first iPhone imagined by the world

The iPhone is a phone that when introduced 10 years ago broke many schemes. A good way to see this is to check all the leaks and designs made by fans that were arriving before launch, especially because they show that few had in mind what could come to give the device.

That is why today we have been rummaging in the Xataka newspaper library and rescuing some of the articles in which we collected the rumours and the leaks that were arriving before their presentation. We can see in them how unfortunate were the first mockups, although I notice that there were some who did come.

Rumours start two years before



The French newspaper Le Figaro announced that Apple would finally give its first step towards the mobile telephony with a device that would be called iPhone. At that time it was said that the mobile with iTunes would be based on the Motorola E398, it would be white, it would reach 512 megs and would include USB support. There was the talk of an imminent launch that in the end was not.

Throughout 2005 rumours followed, and in September the US FCC approved the launch of a Motorola e790 with integrated iTunes. We talked about the iPhone again, but neither was it, and at the end of that month again new design concepts came back. These were wrong to basically show a conventional iPod with a camera , although the concept of fusion was beginning to approach.

September ended with a possible new design accompanied by another round of rumours in which Motorola president Ed Zander said that the rumours about the iPhone may be something more than that: “We know that they will have their own smartphone, it’s just a matter of time”. The information was accompanied by a new design in which they imagined that the iPhone would simply be a minimalist mobile.

2006, the year of eternal wait

In March 2006, there was talk again and much of the iPhone when internal Benq sources said that everyone knew that Apple was contacting phone manufacturers in Taiwan to build their device. They said it would be a hybrid device between iPod and mobile phone, which could be released in 12 months.

Of course and although few gave credibility to the rumours hit fully . What was not right was in other mockups that were at the time and imagined a conventional phone with the colours of the Macintosh. That same month in Xataka we did a compilation of designs with several quite interesting, in fact, a visionary already imagined the first Apple Watch.

Yes, we have said compilation, and so here we leave a small gallery with all of them. You see Many designers played with an iPod-like design, while others set out for more rudimentary motives. What is your favourite design?

In July of that same year some managers began to drop that the rumors were certain , and in November, only four months of its launch, a new filtration hit the nail: “capacities of mobile phone, touch screen, a little size Greater than an iPod 5G, WiFi connectivity, Intel processor and a Mac OS X-based operating system .

2006 ended with a trolley of the manufacturer Linksys, which was ahead of Apple launching in December a VoiP phone called iPhone. Days before there had been much speculation with the imminent arrival of the iPhone, or that in its way the most successful, although mistaken of the company. That yes, the design as you see had no walks to see.

There were also successful designs

But a month later everything changed. On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs took the stage and in addition to starting a revolution in mobile telephony showed us the very little imagination we had. As for the launch and since we are in the newspaper archive, here you have how Xataka told, and here the official press release that Apple maintains online.

Of course, we can not finish this article without doing justice to those who did guess where the shots went. On October 1, 2006, the blog appleiphone.blogspot.com published a mockup in which the designer Thomas J. Mrokon did imagine an iPhone that was all screen and what appeared to be a Home button, Form or interface.

That same day and as part of a collection of mockups also published another designed by John Pszeniczny in which it was even closer to what finally ended up being. As you see, in the end, there were successful designs, only those we remember today are often the worst.


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