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Features of iPhone headphones you are probably unaware of

Whether you are playing sports or simply do not want to remove the iPhone/iPod/Nano from your pocket every time you want to change the song or answer a phone call, then this tutorial will come in handy for you.

These instructions apply to the original Apple headphones that come with the device itself, but some of these functions also work on many other aftermarket headsets. These options are automatically activated and you do not have to go into any settings to activate them.

First thing, what many do not notice is a small microphone that is attached to the wire on the right handset. This microphone allows you to make phone calls using headphones. That is, of course, quite convenient if you get a call while listening to music or if you’re in a noisy place where you would not normally hear anything.

Two versions of the Apple EarPods headphones are shown in the picture. The left one is newer, and the right one is older.
In addition to the microphone which you can use for calls but also for voice commands on the iPhone, this remote has three buttons that can be pressed up, down, or in the middle. Different combinations (click, double click, triple click, hold) allow you to control the functions of the iPhone while, for example, running, driving a bike or doing any other activity on the go while listening to your iPhone / iPad.


If you remember these things it will be much easier for you to use the iPhone while on the move:

Play / Pause song or video Press the center button in the middle once to pause. Press it again to resume play.
Next song or video Press the center button twice (double click)
Fast Forward Press the center button twice and then hold it down until you reach the required track/video.
Previous song or video Press the central button three times (triple click)
Rewind Press the center button three times and then hold it down until you reach the desired track/video.
Answer a call or end a call Press the central button once to answer the call and end call once to end the call.
Stop the call without answering or redirect the call to the voicemail Press and hold the center button for about two seconds. After that, you will hear a soft sound that tells you that the person was sent to the answering machine.
Increase the tone Press “+”, upper button
Reduce the tone Press the “-“, down button
Activate Siri Press and hold the central button until you hear Siri activation.
Siri Additional Interaction While in Siri but you do not listen actively, click the central button once more to activate it for the next piece.
Snap pictures or videos Press “+” the upper button while the camera turned on your device to take a picture or activate the video.

I hope this has clarified all the possible functions of the headphones to you. If you have any questions please comment below and check here for other Tips and Tricks.



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