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Facebook TV arrives on your iPhone with its own original content

The ambition of Mark Zuckerberg has no limits. After acquiring WhatsApp, what we remember is the most used app on the planet and try to squeeze it with numerous new features such as controversial new states , video calls or the imminent method of payment between individuals , now the next step is to enter the TV market, something that Could happen next month of June. And is that according to the Business Insider website, Facebook plans to implement this feature with two different forms of video.

This will be the new TV feature of Facebook

Apparently, Facebook has developed two ways of watching television through its new feature that will appear in a new tab called “Video”: the first would focus on shows similar to those we see in prime time on TV, with decent budgets and Long emission times. The other type of content would be shorter, about 5 to 10 minutes, reduced budgets and daily episodes … so that we understand, more channel-like Youtube.

Although not yet official, we already know of some popular faces who have started working on the proposal as humorist Ricky Van Veen, co-founder of CollegeHumor, who is developing the company’s overall strategy in this exciting adventure. Likewise, there has been speculation with a linking program in which two participants will have a virtual reality date before meeting in person.

With this measure, Facebook will try to continue to keep its users loyal and at the same time attract the young people with fresh content that offers such good results in other internet channels. And is that if we analyse the demographic profile of social networks we see how adolescents generally prefer other apps like Snapchat, much more flexible and focused on audiovisual content.

One of the great strengths of Facebook TV is that it would be completely free for its users, unlike other platforms with exclusive content. And is that the monetization of this ambitious new function would come thanks to the ads shown in the middle of the content, come on, like the television of the whole life. We will have to see what acceptance will have among users.

Will Facebook TV have a hearing? Will it be well received by its users? How will they accept having to swallow ads? Will you have a premium model with no ads? Many unanswered questions … at the moment everything points to that we will have to wait until June for Facebook to present it.



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