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Evolution of the anti-iPhone shirt, at Microsoft’s hometown Goodwill

For pure tech t-shirt awesomeness, there’s nothing quite like the Goodwill store near Microsoft’s Redmond campus. This is the place where employees from Microsoft and other tech companies drop off their unwanted promotional garb, giving the rest of us geeks a chance to sort through their castoffs for the true gems.

I’m not ashamed to admit that probably half of my standard weekend wardrobe has come from this place. A couple years ago, I came across this shirt, now an undisputed classic.

When I stopped by today, I found cool shirts from the Xbox 360 launch in the Mojave Desert, the Nintendo Wii unveiling at E3, some classic T-Mobile tees, and this shirt — presumably from a softball game, not a boxing match.

And then there was this one, suggesting that when it comes to the iPhone, the competitive tone has gone from passive-aggressive to just plain aggressive.

I’ll be wearing it this weekend, of course.

Happy Friday from GeekWire, everybody.


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