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Employees Are Walking into Doors at Apple’s New HQ, Apple Park

The Innovative Aesthetic Design Doesn't Seem to Be so Practical

A few days ago, we reported that Apple had their first shareholder meeting at the new Apple headquarters. Now it’s emerged that employees at the Apple Park campus are constantly walking into the walls and doors – which are all made of glass – and in response are having to call the emergency services.

It may sound impossible to believe, but the mostly-transparent building is causing severe injuries to staff members. Apparently, on the first day Apple Park opened, seven people reported they’d walked head-first into glass doors. They reported it because they felt they needed medical attention afterwards. Who knows how many people walked into a door or wall and simply didn’t say anything out of embarrassment. We’re guessing there was a fair few, though.

Marketwatch has reported that, since then, at least two employees cut their heads so badly that an ambulance had to be immediately called. Apart from these two reports, we don’t know how many other incidents have happened at Apple Park.

Employees working at Apple Park told Bloomberg that post-it notes were actually placed on doors and walls which were so see-through they represented a hazard – but the notes were quickly removed as the yellow notes didn’t fit with the building’s aesthetic design.

The innovative, ringed design of the building was quickly praised for its forward-thinking aesthetic, but the practicality of working there seems to be an entirely different story. The building itself, which is located in Cupertino, California, is made out of 50-foot curved glass panels, and it’s the glass panels which prove an issue to workers. The designers initially thought the transparency would establish a sense of ‘openness’ in the company.

We all know Apple are serious when it comes to design, but how serious are they when it comes to their employees’ physical health?



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