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Dunkers 2 – Physics Basketball Mayhem – Review

By Colin Lane Games AB

I played the original Dunkers and I loved it. The original Dunkers was an outrageous game that hit upon a winning mashup of crude basketball, ridiculous physics, and retro-style graphics.


I’m a sucker for any wacky physics game, but something about Dunkers was just special. You couldn’t help but show it to your friends, and the sequel has the same appeal. Dunkers 2 is 1 on 1 basketball madness! Steal the ball from your opponent and smash the backboard with an epic slam dunk.

Dunkers 2
Dunkers 2

Just have a quick look at the trailer!

Dunkers 2 packs loads of characters for you to unlock and customise, 4 different courts to play on, lots of different balls and shirt designs and more. You can play single player or vs a friend on the same device.

Dunkers 2
Dunkers 2

In Dunkers 2 you will bounce around the court, arms flailing uncontrollably, trying to dunk on your opponent. You can also play against the clock in the quick game mode or you can try and get the highest score in arcade mode.

Dunkers 2
Dunkers 2

There’s a total of four tournaments that you can win and show off your tricks using the built-in screen recorder. A single-device multiplayer mode also allows you to face off against friends in comical dunk contests that will have you dropping some serious trash talk.


If you’re a simulation fan out for a serious game of basketball, well, this isn’t for you. For everyone else, Dunkers 2 is an iOS game that will plaster a smile on your face and enables you to have fun with your friends too.

Download Dunkers 2 from the App Store.

Dunkers 2 Scores

Gameplay - 7.8
Replay-ability - 7.9
Controls - 7.7
Graphics - 8.6
Sound - 7.9
Price - 7.3
User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)