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Drone Mysteriously Stops Working, Crashes into the New Apple Park Building

There Are Frequent Drone Flyovers at Apple Park, but Will They Stop in the Future?

Yesterday we reported that Apple employees were constantly walking into the doors and walls at the new Apple Park campus. Now it seems that not only humans are crashing into it, but drones too.

Footage from the well-known drone pilot Matthew Roberts has been uploaded to YouTube and shows the mission to find the damaged quadcopter, which suddenly stopped flying at a great height, and crashed onto a solar roof panel at Apple Park. Integrated into the video is the actual crash footage from his friend’s drone. The footage had to pulled out of a cache on Roberts’ friend’s mobile device and you can see the dramatic fall from the drone’s POV. You can watch the video for yourself below.

Many drone pilots shoot videos of Apple Park from above, especially when construction was taking place and viewers at home could see progress to the building as it was happening. But now that Apple has based themselves at the new headquarters on a full-time basis, perhaps Apple will introduce drone-flight procedures in case, like what happened with Roberts’ friend’s drone, a drone breaks down mid-air. Seeing as they fly from a great height, a drone in the future may damage the glass panels of Apple Park, or actually hit somebody else on its downward descent.

Roberts’ friend has informed Apple about the drone, and how it’s wedged in between the solar panels on top of Apple Park, but so far there’s been no response from Apple themselves. Whether he’ll eventually get his drone back or not we don’t yet know, but seeing as Apple hasn’t responded, it’s looking unlikely.



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