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How to downgrade from macOS High Sierra beta to macOS Sierra

You just recently installed the new beta macOS and you are not happy with it? Even though it brings some cool and useful features, you are experiencing bugs and problems that make you want to go back? In this article, we will explain to you how you can return back to the previous version of the Mac.

This process will delete everything from your hard drive, so it is very important for you to back up your hard drive before running this process. You can do this by copying your files to another hard drive or sending your files to your Cloud. If you do not need to backup and wish to delete everything just continue with these steps below.



Before you delete everything, you need to create a bootable drive of the standard Sierra OS. You can do this by going into App Store and clicking on your purchase list where you should find Sierra OS. After you download that, create a bootable drive with that OS and your drive is ready to be reinstalled. You can create your bootable disk very easily with Disk Maker X. Also, when the full version of new macOS High Sierra becomes available you won’t be able to do this because older version will disappear from purchase list.

Now you need to erase macOS High Sierra by pressing Apple icon in the top left corner and clicking Restart. After that, you will need to hold Command+R to boot into Recovery mode. Now you need to click on Disk Utility in OS X Utility sector. Now you will need to select your Startup Disk and click on Erase tab at the top of the window. After that, you will need to click on MacOS Extended from the format list and click Erase.


It’s time for installing the older version now. Be sure you are connected to the internet before continuing. You need to press Apple icon at the top left corner again and press Restart. While your computer restarts, be sure to hold down Option button. By doing that you will get into startup disk options. Select macOS Sierra now from the list of options. That’s it, macOS Sierra will now begin installing on your Mac.

After the installation finishes, copy your data from your backup and you are all set.

Comment below why did you want to return to the previous version of the macOS and be sure to check our MacOS High Sierra section for more news and tutorials for this new OS.




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